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Noun: The platform of the future for alarm notifications and analytics.

Adjective: United, joined or linked. A system of relationships, associations and interdependencies.

The CONXTD story

CSL Group purchased 100% of WebWayOne in June 2018. As part of the acquisition a new company, CONXTD Technologies Ltd, was created. WebWay’s former CEO, Chris Carter Brennan and members of his Senior Management Team (Sales, Development and Marketing) moved to CONXTD to build the business, an IoT platform, focused on the Fire and Security Market (today)

CONXTD enables Security Managers and Installers to manage risk using near real-time digital intelligence via mobile apps and browser.

We’re a B2B business, creating a platform for integrators who install and maintain Fire and Security equipment. We’re building a solution to switch their businesses from hardware to software and information services, bringing together the data from the hardware and cloud solutions they prefer, and enabling them to offer new services to their end users without the pain of point to point integrations.

To achieve this unique concept in IoT we need rapid innovation with excellent execution. Our strategy requires effective teamwork and high performance people.

At CONXTD we believe...

To start something truly new, you have to give up something old; that the practical application of technology makes life better.

CONXTD is a platform which dismisses technical jargon, provides clear information, in close to real time for the current generation of mobile professionals in the Security Industry.

Using this combination of innovation, technology and mobility, CONXTD users can deliver new and better services to customers, to improve security and efficiency. A solution for the internet age.