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Signalling Provider

CSL Dualcom

Product list

CSL Pro Range,


Product list

Nano, Smart, Communicator Pro,Single, Dual and Triple-Path


Product list

The Emizon TCD


Push Notifications

Get notified on any device

Receive notifications for key events on your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.
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Philips Hue Smart Litghts

Use Hue for visual notifications

CONXTD events can flash your Philips Hue light bulbs, depending on the severity
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Email Notifications

Email content for any CONXTD event

CONXTD sends events straight into your mailbox, with a link to Enterprise for further investigation.
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Collaborate, Triage, Resolve

Use Slack to post critical events, and use your Team to communicate and resolve potential risks.
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Fire Test Reminders

Never miss a Fire Test again

Set up notifications to remind your team to conduct their Fire Tests
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Intruder alarm signalling


Connect your intruder panel with us

CONXTD integration with Risco


Connect your intruder panel with us

CONXTD integration with AJAX



Video verification in the cloud

Connect your TetherIt bridge to existing camera systems to access cloud services
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Genetec Stratocast

CCTV storage in the cloud

CONXTD integration to Genetec Stratocast

HIK Connect

CCTV storage in the cloud

CONXTD integration to HIK Connect

Avigilon Blue

CCTV Storage in the cloud

CONXTD integration to Avigilon Blue

Calipsa Alarm Verification

False Alarm reduction

Reduce false alarms by up to 85% with Calipsa, and view confirmed clips on the CONXTD platform


CCTV Cloud Storage made simple

Associate CCTV with CONXTD alarms

Smart Technology

Prosync Smart Safe

Get notified on any device

Receive notifications for key events on your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.


by Cruatech

Get notified on any device

Receive notifications for key events on your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.


Get notified on any device

Receive notifications for key events on your Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Hark Systems

Monitor your buildings core data

Collect data from industry standard sensors– including CO2, temperature, and humidity

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Receive the key events on any of your devices

Register any of your devices to receive key notifications from your CONXTD system. Clicking on the notification will direct you straight to CONXTD for further investigation. 

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Diversify your notifications with Hue

Link your CONXTD system with your Philips Hue Smart Lighting for visual event notifications.

Using CONXTD’s alarm classification structure, the Philips Hue App will enable your smart light-bulbs to flash different colours, depending on the severity of the alarm.


Key event information sent directly to your inbox

Strengthen your ability to react to potential security risks by enabling key events to be sent to you inbox. 

Using the Notifications Manager, you decide which events will notify your email inbox. Select the type of event, the alarm class, or open the tap with all events. 

Simply input your email address, or add multiple addresses for your colleagues or family. 


Collaborate, Triage and Resolve risks to your estate with the CONXTD to Slack Integration

Collaborate, Triage and Resolve. Link your CONXTD and Slack Users to evaluate potential security risks to your estate. 

Monitor multiple sites to identify events that might put your estate at risk. 

Resolve issues as a Team and work collaboratively to get the job done.  

Never miss a Fire Test again

Receive notifications to your desktop, mobile, and tablet, reminding you to complete your fire tests on a site-by-site basis

Events will be generated on the site timeline, so you can track all reminders you receive. Multiple reminders will be sent throughout the day, to ensure you get the messag

Powerful video verification, made simple

Link CONXTD with the Xanview Cloud Platform to associate events with third-party CCTV footage.

Confirm genuine security risks by viewing CCTV clips from the Xanview Cloud, right within your Enterprise.

  • Associate CCTV with any CONXTD event
  • Reduce unnecessary engineer call-outs
  • Save time and money eradicating false alarms
  • Add extra support to known areas of risk
  • Integrate any IP camera with secure backup to the cloud

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