Mobile Management of your home security

Use CONXTD App for your home or small business; receive real time notifications when an alarm occurs, set up temporary monitoring and remote set/unset your alarm.

It's everything you need in the palm of your hand.

View activity across your entire estate

Be in when you're out

CONXTD is transforms the way you monitor and manage your home or business. For the first time you will receive notifications when your system is opened, closed or there's an event.

So whether you've just popped out, are away on business or on holiday, you can relax in the knowledge that you can always keep an eye on your premises when you're not there.

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Share your site

It's always nice to know that there's someone nearby who can go to site if there are any issues when you're not there.

You can share CONXTD with friends, family and neighbours to create a monitoring community. They'll be just as informed as you, and can be quick help rectify problems if you're away.

Group your data. The way you want

View your information any time, anywhere

Life gets busy, we know that. So to make it as easy as possible, you and your community can enjoy remotely monitoring your alarms systems on any device.

For use on mobile and tablet devices, simply download the CONXTD app from the app store, and view the information any time, any where.

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Key Features

Everything you need, in one App.


For the first time see the status of your alarm system when you're not at home.


Add as a companion app to an existing bells only or monitored alarm system.

View multiple premises in one app

See all the premises important to you in one app and be able to share with your close community.

For new and existing

We can connect to a wide range of alarm systems new and old.

Image verification

Connect an IP camera to start receiving verification of events.

Introducing alarm bundles

We've grouped alarms for you and applied colours and icons so they're easier to understand.

Receive Real Time Notifications

For the first time, receive notifications when your system is opened, closed or there's
an alarm. Configure to receive real time notifications that are important to

Get in touch

Visualise your alarm system with instantly recognisable colours and icons


Check in when you're out


Your alarms are ordered for you and presented as easily understood icons making it easier for you to see what happened at what time.


Open/Close Graph. Select your timeframe. View your data graphically. Monitor trends. View over 4 weeks worth of information.

Colleagues and your team

Share your security system with your team. Control what they can view with user levels.

Professional monitoring services

Opt-in to temporary professional monitoring services with police response while you are away or turn on permanently to have full peace of mind.

Interested in becoming CONXTD to your estate?

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