Receive Real Time Notifications

For the first time, receive notifications when your system is opened, closed or there's an alarm. Configure to receive real time notifications that are important to you.

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See what happened, and when

Alarms are presented in a timeline with easily understood icons making it simple to see what happened, at what time.

Helping hand

CONXTD includes a self-managed invitation system. Invite friends and family to view the status of your estate and receive alerts so they can help rectify problems when you're not there.

Remotely set/unset your system

No more worrying whether you have set your alarm. CONXTD allows users to set and unset their alarm system remotely via the app.

Device variety list

Any alarm panel, any device:

Connect to a wide range of fire and alarm panels new and old, using WebWay, Emizon and CSL Dualcom devices. Add as a companion app to existing bells only or monitored alarm systems.

Everything you need, in one App

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View multiple premises in one login

See all of the premises, that are important to you, in one app and be able to share with your close community.

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Image verification

Connect IP cameras to receive verification of events. Images associated to alarms appear directly in the timeline.

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Temporary Monitoring

Going away? Opt-in to temporary professional monitoring services with police response for up to 30 days per annum, so you have full peace of mind.

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