Your information, your way

Wouldn't it be great if you could receive the information that you need, in the groups you want, named and identified in your own corporate language? 

You can say goodbye to manual one size fits all reports, and say hello to the information you want, the way you and your team need to see it. CONXTD Enterprise can be Set Up to accomodate your own bespoke information from Site Names to Store Numbers, to enable quick and easy reporting and communication between your team and suppliers.

View activity across your entire estate

Customisable Set-up

CONXTD Enterprise displays your Site Name, logo, ARC Site ID, Address and Alarm information as standard. But you can also add up to 3 Custom Data Fields for your own site naming conventions and identifiers.

It's essential to be able to communicate between your team and your suppliers quickly and without doubt. A customised set up enables you to quickly cross reference Site Names, Site IDs and other identifiers, whether for internal or external reporting or discussion.

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Customisable Grouping of Data

You may have many ways you want to sort and analyse your estate. Whether by Geography, Security Manager, Remote Storeroom or High Street versus Out of Town, you can choose the best way to group and analyse your data separately from the rest of your estate. 

Sites can be allocated to one or more Groups,  each named in a way to suit you. 

Group your data. The way you want

Customisable Reports

CONXTD Enterprise produces fully exportable reports for single sites, groups and entire estates. Users have the ability to set their own parameters for reports such as open and close times.  You'll see a wealth of insightful information in graphs and data tables so you can conduct full  trend analysis and go as granular as you wish. 

CONXTD is pre-packaged with 6 reports as standard. Any alarm can be analysed, request more information for a list of all reports or a bespoke solution for your needs.

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See the data you want

CONXTD Enterprise comes with these essential reports. More available on request.

Open Report

Set your Open Time to enable Enterprise to automatically analyse your data for Early, On Time and Late Opens. Then view weekly and monthly trend analysis graphs.

Close Report

Set your close time to enable Enterprise to automatically analyse your data for Early, On Time and Late opens. Then view a weekly trend analysis over time.

Door access Report

View all Door Access over a 24 hour period. Filter by your Open/Close Timers, or new parameters that you have chosen during set up.

Fire test Report

View all sites which have and have not performed the Fire Test on a weekly frequency.

Panic test Report

View all sites which have and have not performed the Panic Test on a weekly frequency.

Freezer Alarm Report

Monitor your freezer alarms and be notified when doors have been left open or the temperature has increased.