Custom data fields

CONXTD Enterprise displays your Site Name, logo, ARC Site ID, Address and Alarm information as standard. You can also add Custom Data Fields for your own site naming conventions and identifiers.

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Customisable groups

Group your data in a way that’s easiest for your team to work with. Whether by Geography, Security Manager, Remote Storeroom or High Street versus Out of Town, you can choose the best way to analyse your data separately from the rest of your estate. Sites can be allocated to one or more Groups, each named in a way to suit you.

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Customised Searches

Sort sites by risk, comms faults, set/unsets and more. Alter columns to show the most active sites, drill down or search the site by name.

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Customised Notifications

Always be in touch with the vital activities happening on your estate. Choose the notifications you want to receive for open/close/fire/intruder alarms and more.

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Customised Analytics

See reports for your single sites, groups and entire estates. Set your own parameters for all reports including store open and close times. See a wealth of information to conduct a full trend analysis.

Want to go deeper: Analytics can help. Check out how.

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