Never walk away from a customer without a sale!

You’ve been selling connections for Professional Monitoring, now you can get new sales at the Self Monitoring end of the market, with the added bonus of CONXTD’s Temporary Monitoring feature as a gateway to Professional Monitoring later.

CONXTD provides a seamless integration of alarm signalling for intruder, fire and CCTV, with a mobile app. You can upgrade any alarm system (new or legacy) using WebWay, Emizon and CSL signalling technology to transmit events to the CONXTD platform.

Why should installers sell CONXTD?

Retain customers and improve customer services by providing better information on their systems.

Generate new recurring revenues with Self Monitoring and Temporary Monitoring services, plus an App to compliment Graded, Professional 24/7 Monitoring.

Add value to bells only alarm systems; give customers the freedom to schedule up to 30 days of temporary monitoring with police response.

Remote set/unset alarm systems remotely via the app.

Configure to receive real time notifications on alarms that are important to you and your customer.

You’re fully in control!

Subscription Manager: You subscribe your customers to the CONXTD App. View all your requested, accepted user and manage email invite resends. Everything is under your control.

Your branding: CONXTD sends a personalised invitation on your behalf. CONXTD displays your branding and contact details right inside the App.

You control the billing: CONXTD has a very easy sign up process, it is billed to you, not the end user. How you charge them is completely in your control. You can even try the first 4 weeks for free, with no commitment.

Where does CONXTD App fit in the market?

CONXTD App fits in two important market segments:

  • Legacy Alarm Systems: Bells only and Digi connections that need Managed Communications and a Mobile App.
  • Alarm System which require CSL Group’s Approved signalling devices; Grade 2, 3, 4 Single or Dual Path Signalling.
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What’s better for my customer? ENTERPRISE or CONXTD?

Do you have legacy installations of bells only systems whose end users will not upgrade to new panels, but want a mobile App? CONXTD App.

Do you have customers who have not taken up Professional Monitoring, but could be interested in holiday or Temporary Monitoring? CONXTD App with Temporary Monitoring.

Do you have customers who have between 2 and 10 premises such as a mix of home and small business? CONXTD App, with Temporary or Professional Monitoring.

Do you manage any Multi Site Retailers, who would benefit from a platform to visualise alarms, produce time lines, graphs and reports? CONXTD Enterprise.

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