CONXTD Enterprise is the first solution to offer a Cloud based reporting and analytics tool. It's specifically designed for the Fire and Security Industry, protecting the security supply chain and maintaining the crucial role of Professional Monitoring Providers.

Using existing systems Installers find it hard to serve end users with consolidated, close to real time data, available on desktop and mobile devices.

Resolving the issues installers face

  • Data is provided in PDF, excel, email or through a log in to complex systems.
  • Data may come from more than 1 ARC/source, in different formats.
  • Data is difficult to understand.
  • Have to employ scarce internal resources to manipulate the data.
  • Trend or gap analysis is too time consuming.

Improved communication

Several stakeholders are involved in the management of properties and risk. End Users, Installers, ARCs, Key Holding and Guarding companies must work together as seamlessly as possible. New communications tools have been replacing email and phone conversations, but have yet to be bought to the Security Supply Chain in a meaningful way.

CONXTD enables Installers to:

Provide personalised services for every client, using their own corporate "language".
  • Customise the solution to every client with User Controls, Groups and bespoke data.
  • Identify sites using End Users own naming protocol, Chip ID, Post Code etc.
Empower users to understand their systems better.
  • Bespoke Open/Close times for Estate or Groups.
  • Drill down to troubled sites within 2 clicks.
  • Understand situations without having knowledge of SIA or other protocols.
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Improve customer service and generate revenue

Generate new recurring revenues with Self Monitoring and Temporary Monitoring services, plus an App to compliment Graded, Professional 24/7 Monitoring.

Add value to bells only alarm systems; give customers the freedom to schedule up to 30 days of temporary monitoring with police response.

Remote set/unset alarm systems remotely via the app.

Configure to receive real time notifications on alarms that are important to you and your customer.

Upgrade any alarm system (new or legacy) using WebWay, Emizon and CSL signalling technology to transmit events to the CONXTD platform.

All in your control

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Sold through you

CONXTD is sold through the installer. You interface with the client and provide expert service. The CONXTD team are here to help and assist as you wish, whether with training, or attending meetings with you, but it’s all in your control.

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Your branding

CONXTD sends a personalised invitation on your behalf. CONXTD displays your branding and contact details right inside the App.

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You control the billing

CONXTD has a very easy sign up process; it's billed to you, not the end user. How you charge them is completely in your control. You can even try the first 4 weeks for free, with no commitment.

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