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Tether Technology

Roman Gaufman

Founder | CEO

Tether Technology

Roman Gaufman’s bright idea for a web-based CCTV management system, developed in the most amazing circumstance, to become one of the UK’s hottest startups in Security. 

Listen to how Tether Technology (formerly Xanview) was nurtured and developed into an exciting and innovative Tech company. Roman talks AI, Hover Boards and the perfect Security Services product. 

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Rashid Khan

Co-Founder | CEO


Picture the scene – you’re 18, you want to take your passion for Engineering to further education, but you’ve missed the admissions deadlines for university. With term-time already begun, and without a passport to his name, Rashid was accepted to a UK university to develop his passion for mechanics and circuitry. 

This week, Chris and Tom chat with Rashid Khan, CEO and Co-Founder of Calipsa, the False Alarm Filtering Platform for ARCs. 

Rashid talks about the road to creating a trusted and dependable security product, his interest in Amazon and creating a positive business culture. 

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Anekanta Consulting

Pauline Norstrom

Founder | CEO

Anekanta Consulting

This week, Chris and Tom speak to Pauline Norstrum, Founder and CEO of Anekanta Consulting, the Boutique Consulting Hub for technology innovation in the camera, CCTV and AI space. 

Pauline talks about her role in the marketisation and adoption of digital-based recording, a groundbreaking step in the development of video recording in today’s security landscape. We also hear of her influence on the standardisation and regulation of the security industry in her tenure at the BSIA.

Pauline tells us of her passion for motor sport, as well as her successes in experimental vegan cooking. 

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Nick Fisher

Co-Founder | CEO


This week, Chris and Tom speak to Nick Fisher, CEO of FaceWatch. 

From the windsurfing lakes of Wakefield to CEO of the first lawful UK Facial Recognition software supplier, Nick Fisher takes us through his career journey from service experiences at the RAC to COO of Phones 4 U. 

Nick talks retail, football and rustic Italian cooking. 

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James West

Co-Founder | CEO


This week, Chris and Tom speak with James West, Co-Founder and CEO of Videoloft, the cloud-enablement and storage platform for CCTV. 

James started his career becoming an expert in scanning print photography to digital, but rode the 90’s internet surge to build Alamy, one of the world’s largest online photograph repositories.

James tells us of how he fell into the Security Industry, his love of windsurfing and what the future holds for CCTV.

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Asset Protect Consulting

Colin Culleton

Founder | Director

Asset Protect Consulting

This week, Chris and Tom chat with Colin Culleton, Founder and Director of Asset Protect Consulting. 

Many in the Loss Prevention community will know Colin for his roles at Next Plc, Jack Wills and HMV, but we learn of his passion for Football, his new consulting business and his infamous Italian sausage risotto. 

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Darren Rewston

Founder | MD


This week Darren Rewston, Founder and MD of CheckMyCCTV joins Chris and Tom on the Podcast.

Darren tells us of his time at Dedicated Micros, before branching out and creating the popular remote maintenance and system diagnostics platform we know today. 

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The Irish Security Industry Association

Sean Leavy & Sarah O'Donnell

President | Communications Director

The Irish Security Industry Association

This week, Chris speaks with Sean Leavy and Sarah O’Donnell of the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA). 

This episode, which was recorded over 2 sessions before and during the UK-wide lockdown, addresses the ISIA’s strategic goals for the year, how the Association is supporting and promoting Women in Security and how they collaborating with their Membership to navigate the current pandemic. 

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