Professional Services

Ensuring the success of your project with CONXTD Technologies Limited.

We understand that a successful project cannot be achieved without a close relationship between you, CONXTD and your signalling provider. That’s why we have our Professional Services team to act as a dedicated resource to ensure your CONXTD roll out goes to plan.

The Professional Services team will work with you to:

  • Format your data in the best way possible to make it fully tailored to you.
  • Understand your requirements and carefully plan the details of your implementation from start to finish.
  • Define user roles and responsibilities across the planned implementation.
  • Prepare your users with training and consultancy support.
  • Provide a smooth and efficient go-live experience.
  • Enable a quicker return on your investment.
Import raw MCT data into CONXTD servers
View full estate data
and alarms
50 site customised demo
Review meeting with customer to tailor layout and customise data.
Customer uses CONXTD
for 1 week
Customised CONXTD presented to the Customer
Data mapping and build to customer spec
Collect any custom data
from customer
Customer review meeting
Regular checkins to discuss if any changes to the platform are required

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