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It's so important to know what's happening across all your sites, but it's expensive and time consuming to collate, analyse and report on the data using PDFs and spreadsheets. Your output can often be out of date before it's even produced.

CONXTD Enterprise does the heavy lifting so you can see your data in a whole new way, turning complex data into icons, colours, timelines and graphs, instantly.

Easy to understand information, actionable insight, available in real time.

View activity across your entire estate

Data brought to life

Seeing your data brought to life with dashboards and graphs, rather than columns on a spreadsheet and pages on a PDF, can really help you identify trends or spot anomalies you may have otherwise missed.

CONXTD  flags problems using colours and icons so you don't need to interpret complex data formats, or run spreadsheet queeries or lookups before you're presented with the information you need.

Dig Deeper to answer your queries

See all your estates in one view

CONXTD is on hand to help you go as granular as you wish. You can sort sites by risk, comms faults, set/unsets and more. Sort the columns to show the most active sites, drill down through the graphs and dials, or search for the site by name and find all of the information you need at your fingertips.

Group your data. The way you want

Base your decisions on real time data

Time is the enemy of any risk situation, so are you making decisions based on up to date information? Processing Friday's reports on a Monday can leave your sites exposed and not acting on information can impact store performance.

From the moment you log into CONXTD, you know you're working with current data, which you can analyse with a click or a tap on any device, wherever you are.

You can instantly see the status of all your sites and drill down to find out current activity per premises. Take control using CONXTD's real time information and contact us to find out more about how notifications can help remind or inform users of required actions.

Visualise your alarm system with instantly recognisable colours and icons



Your alarms are ordered for you and presented as easily understood icons making it easier for you to see what happened at what time.

Built on an established, secure and reliable network

Insurance class alarm signalling trusted by hundreds of installers and thousands of end users.

Scaleable & Reliable

Managing over 60,000
premises a day

Billions of data points

Independently approved to the highest European and UK standards.

Professionals choice

  • 50+ Top UK Retailers
  • 20+ Manufactures
  • 250 Monitoring Stations
  • 300 European Retailers

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Easily see the alarms that have occurred across your sites, in one single view.

See a graphical overview of your aggregated data over time. Use it to spot trends and pick out anomalies.

Have colour coded reports, tailored to you, so you can quickly see what has occurred within your ideal parameters.

Easily drill down into sites that have closed early or late to find out more.

See the time your sites opened over your chosen time period. Set parameters that are suited to you, and see which sites have anomalies.

Customise your dashboard
All the information you need, your way

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