CONXTD Enterprise

Monitor your entire estate from the palm of your hand. Raw data from intruder and fire alarms can be automatically translated into dashboards which are instantly readable by users on any device. Ideal for retail, banking and education sectors.


Use CONXTD to monitor your home or small business. Receive real time notifications when an alarm occurs, set up temporary monitoring and remote set/unset your alarms.

CONXTD for Installers

CONXTD Enterprise is the first solution to offer a Cloud based reporting and analytics tool, specifically designed for the Fire and Security Industry. It fits within the security supply chain and maintains the crucial role of Professional Monitoring Providers.

Noun: The platform of the future for alarm notifications and analytics.

Adjective: United, joined or linked. A system of relationships, associations and interdependencies.

Any alarm panel, any signalling device

Connect to a wide range of fire and intruder alarm panels new and old, using CSL or WebWay devices including installer favourites Nano, Smart and Emizon TCD. If you’ve got an estate with a mixture of panels and devices, it’s no problem, CONXTD is designed to integrate with any.

Laptop using CONXTD

View information anytime, anywhere

For use on mobile and tablet devices, simply download the CONXTD app and view information wherever you are.

Visualise your alarm system with instantly recognisable colours and icons

  • visualise-icon-power
  • visulaise-icon-fire-proof
  • visulaise-icon-safe-lock
  • Burglary protect icon
  • Engineer icon

CONXTD is widely used in retail and education sectors today

Here's how some of our longer standing customers are using CONXTD Enterprise and CONXTD Home.

One of UK’s largest retailers
One of the UK’s largest retailers with over 550 sites
  • Used by a team of 7
  • Sites Grouped into 9 customer specified Areas
  • Uploaded 8 Custom Points for each site, fully searchable:
    • Installers Contract Number
    • Customers Store Number
    • Customers Area Number
    • Customers Area Name
    • The Store Type
    • The size of the Store
    • Store Status
  • Operating 9 reports:
    • Daily Open
    • Daily Close
    • Overnight Open
    • Panic Alarm
    • Unconfirmed Burgulary
    • Fire Signal
    • Fire Fault
    • Radio Fault
    • PSTN
  • Reports run automatically daily and collating weekly/monthly trend analysis.
One of UK’s leading Bookmakers
350 Premises managed for one of the UK’s leading Bookmakers.
  • Used by a team of 6
  • Sites Grouped into 2 customer specified Areas
  • Uploaded 3 Custom Data points for each site, fully searchable:
    • Customer's Store Number
    • Customer's Area Number
    • Customer's Region
  • Operating 4 reports:
    • Daily Open
    • Daily Close
    • Overnight Open
    • Fire Signal
  • Reports run automatically daily and collating weekly/monthly trend analysis.
Leading UK University
Sites for one of the UK’s leading University’s.
  • Single user
  • Single Group
  • 4 reports
    • Daily Open
    • Daily Close
    • Confirmed Burgulary
    • Overnight Open
  • Slack API for Desktop Notification

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