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Add automation to your Loss Prevention framework

Automate daily routine tasks with CONXTD to take your mind away from data management and focus on the job at hand
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Give your Team a productivity boost

Speed up your investigations with tailored reporting tools

Nothing should get in the way of carrying out an efficient and thorough investigation for potential risk and loss. Enterprise gives you the latest intelligence and bespoke reporting features to help you resolve issues faster.
A dedicated daily Suspicious Activity report helps you identify anomalies automatically.
Combine emailed report summaries and specific alarm notifications to get full coverage of
Utilise the flexible Event IQ reporting tool to track trends for up to 356 days.

Increase overall efficiency on routine tasks

Free up some of your resources by searching, filtering or completlely automating your daily workload in Enterprise.
Schedule key events like Open & Close times, Fire Testing and Engineer visits to create powerfully accurate reports.
Navigate the platform easily with smart filtering, site search tools, timeframe ajustments, alarm filters & more.
Utilise the set reporting tools, or generate incredibly powerful custom alarm activation reports with Event IQ.

Pain-free deployment

Quick & easy implementation of alarm management interface
Login & go. It really can be that simple. Completely cloud-based and accessed via your favourite internet browser.
Your account automatically updates with the latest features & bug fixes within well-defined maintenance windows for limited disruption and zero fuss.
No hefty maintenance costs or resources required. Subscribe and benefit from a fully-managed alarm management system.

Align your wider Team and promote better communication

Keeping your Team on track can be a challenge when intelligence is sparce or outdated entirely. Drop CONXTD into your company's LP processes to promote collaboration.
Posting Comments about activity on a site's Timeline ensures colleagues are up-to-date on the latest.
Starting Conversations associated with specific events like unconfirmed alarms or faults leaves valuable insight for investigations and compliance reporting.

Save costs on unneccesary Engineer callouts

Deciding which intelligence to take action can be costly. Enterprise can provide tools to help facilitate faster and better-informed decision-making.
Use CONXTD's live alarm intelligence alongside third-party CCTV systems to quickly investigate suspicious activity.
Call on-site Contacts with the built-in VOIP phone service to work closely with Store Managers or Installers.
Access 365 days of site or estate-wide trends to make more well-informed decisions.

The perfect tool for Security Professionals to save time.

Automated reports
Alarm notifications
Keyholder lists
Compliance reports
Emailed summaries
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