Media Kit

Choose from multiple logo variations & high quality product screenshots for external use. These resources are in place to help you access and use our logo, brand and product imagery quickly and accurately.

Product description

CONXTD is the leading alarm mangement system in the cloud, aggregating data from the leading security service providers into one powerfully intuitive platform. By automating routine tasks, building compliance reports effortlessly and streamlining the alarm response process, Loss Prevention Teams and SOCs can save precious time and resources to help build their business.


Alarm Signalling, CCTV, Security, Installers, Monitoring, Loss Prevention Teams, SOCs, ARCs

CONXTD in numbers



Sites using CONXTD


Monthly alarm count

10 million



Always use the coloured verson of the CONXTD logo. We don't like it as a monochromed finish. If using a low contrast background, surround logo with a bordered card.