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Monitoring, but done differently. Fully Cloud, plugin & go, built to improve Operator efficiency.
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A different kind
of monitoring

Improved Operator experience & engagement

CONXTD adds colour and clarity to the often monocrhrome security environment to keep Operators and Security Professionals absorbed and focused on the job at hand.
The dedicated prioritised alarm list is simple, intuitive and engaging.
The dedicated prioritised alarm list is simple, intuitive and engaging.
CONXTD's colour scheme and distinctive notification system makes actioning an event clear and easy to follow.

Simplify the Operator's workflow for maximum efficiency

In dealing with potential risk and loss, accuracy and accountability are crucial. Priority Events provides Operators with the tools to respond to events quickly.
Create detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure every event is managed correctly.
Assigning and managing events for Operators is an easy, one-step process.
Intuitive built-in VOIP phone system embedable in any SOP simplifies the Operator's workflow.

Save time & money compared to traditional monitoring & maintenance

CONXTD provides a clear and robust solution for Corporate Security and Security Operation Centres (SOCs). Priority Events enables users to better engage with their Alarm Receiving Centre, whilst maintaining the ability to better monitor non-emergency events.
CONXTD's Priority Events feature can be plugin & go. Customisations, including VOIP calling and custom SOPs, are easily deployable.
There are absolutely ZERO installation and maintenance costs. CONXTD is the leading cloud-based alarm management platform for a reason!
CONXTD is a fully-managed SaaS platform. Upgrades, updates, new features and bug fixes are automatic and frequently deployed.

Seamless monitoring workflow. With none of the fuss.

Intuitive dashboard
Clear SOPs
Outbound calls
Keyholder management
Event audits
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