3 compliance reports you can generate in less than 60 seconds

Providing risk and compliance reports for Loss Prevention Teams & SOCs is a critical but time-consuming task - anyone can do it in 60 seconds on CONXTD.

Fast. Accurate. Actionable. Three words that characterise the reporting requirements for most modern and technology-driven Loss Prevention Teams or SOCs.

But too often, we see inherent or even unacknowledged compromises in reporting systems and operational processes that directly feed into your organization's decision-makers. Most commonly, the large amount of data management required to create meaningful compliance reports, and the overall rigidity of the reporting mechanisms themselves.

For the many hours this takes a dedicated Security Professional to complete, you can filter and qualify these reports in less than 1 minute using our Event IQ reporting tool, saving precious hours to focus on the real job at hand; Security!

Fire system testing

CONXTD already has a pre-configured Fire Test report to identify weekly fire test compliance, but using the Event IQ feature for specific compliance and testing data has a number of added benefits.

Firstly, let's talk about timeframe. As with any report generated within Event IQ, you're able to configure exact reports with up to 1 year's worth of data, meaning you can track trends from specific sites up to your entire estate, within one data set.

With this amount of data, typical data manipulation in excel would take time and effort away from the task at hand. But with CONXTD, the filtering tools are baked into the report itself so you remove any friction from completing your task.

Communication & uptime data reporting

Fault tracking can be a challenge, especially with high-activity sites or premises with unstable communication paths.

We realise that Communication reporting is vitally important to Installers & End Users, so Communication events are part of the quick report suggestions, that apply the appropriate filtering for you with 1 click.

This feature also includes Open & Close reporting, Fire Testing, Fault conditions & more, so you can deliver critical reporting when you need it most.

Team communications auditing

A real time-saver for larger Teams using CONXTD is the ability to communicate with eachother within the platform, using the Comments or Conversation features. We've been really impresed by the level of usage and creativity to solve existing operational problems using this feature, from communicating false alarms directly into the alarm feed, to confirming site visits or engineer call-outs.

Organisations have built this feature into the security operations, and Event IQ finalises this process with the ability to report on all Team Communications in one powerful report.

Like with any Event IQ generated report, users can filter on sites, or even individual user comments, to extract the information they need to operate effectively.

To learn more about Event IQ, or to talk to a member of the Team, please visit our website.

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