CONXTD integrate with BT Redcare's Next Generation Portfolio

Combine your Redcare signalling with CONXTD to access new value in the switch from PSTN to IP.

CONXTD is proud to announce that data from BT Redcare’s alarm signalling systems are now available in our platform.

By combining your BT Redcare product with CONXTD you can offer greater value in the switch from PSTN to IP.

CONXTD’s real time management and reporting tools operate with no interruption to your existing ARC monitoring. Users are saving hundreds of hours by employing CONXTD to crunch the data needed to generate multiple reports for performance, risk mitigation and compliance.

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“It’s great that our Next Generation Portfolio now integrates with CONXTD’s platform, enabling ARCs and installers to offer additional services. We look forward to working with CONXTD and bringing added value to our mutual customers.”
Nicholas Whiting
Managing Director of BT Redcare

Alarms transmitted over the Redcare network enter our platform using our state of the art infrastructure, operating in parallel with your existing ARC. We’ve worked with the team at Redcare to ensure secure and reliable alarm delivery without the need for any new infrastructure in the ARC or SOC. Alarms comes directly to us from Redcare once permissions are granted.

CONXTD supports BT Redcare’s Essential IP, Essential, Essential Extra, Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate products. These products are perfect for customers looking for an approved signalling solution to meet insurance and emergency response requirements, as well as those who need to replace digis and other legacy PSTN products as BT’s network moves to all-IP by 2025.

“We are delighted to be working with BT Redcare to offer solutions that help End Users proactively manage risk, performance and compliance. Combining Redcare’s technology and service with CONXTD’s native cloud platform offers End Users a totally new experience of their security.”
Chris Carter-Brennan
Founder & CEO of CONXTD Technologies

For more information on the CONXTD platform, and how we can help your Loss Prevention and Security Operations Teams, visit our website.