Make outbound calls to Keyholders & Contacts

Add outbound calls to your workflow for Loss Prevention Teams & Security Operation Centres to save time and make processing physical security tasks easier.

CONXTD have integrated a VOIP outbound calling add-on, powered by industry leader Twilio, for Loss Prevention Teams and Security Operations Centres to connect with Keyholders and Contacts within their alarm management workflows.

Bringing a VOIP service to Enterprise reduces friction often caused by juggling multiple security systems to execute critical tasks like risk assessments & alarm response. These unnecessary pain-points have been removed, allowing Security Professionals to quickly contact key stakeholders and complete their jobs quickly & efficiently.

Store Contacts are one click away

CONXTD's alarm delivery is near-instant in most cases, so being able to respond to all eventualities requires a slick and pain-free process.

A key part of that process is connecting with key stakeholders, like store managers and keyholding professionals, to evaluate the potential risk and formulate a response.

Embedding the VOIP service into the Keyholder manager for every site, store, branch and building within your account allows Loss Prevention Professionals to first access key contact information quickly, but most importantly do their job with one click of a button.

A fluent workflow for SOCs

With the release of the Priority Events feature, the fully-cloud non-emergency alarm response platform for Security Operation Centres (yes, it's quite a mouthfull), Operators are presented with customer-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every compatible alarm or fault condition, ranging from Communication Failures to Unconfirmed Intruders.

The VOIP service has also been embedded into the Operator SOPs as part of the Contact Keyholder step, presenting users with the prioritised Keyholder list, but crucially connecting the Operator to the correct Keyholder seamlessly.

Implementing this time-saving integration not only improves the Operator's workflow (which should, in theory, lead to happier & more productive staff!), but provides a clear and precise audit-trail for every event response.

Bonuses for everyone

Integrating a VOIP service has also provided us with the ability to generate more productivity-boosting tools for all Security Professionals to capitalise on. All levels of the channel can now implement SMS alerts for all Intruder & Fire events, as well as all of our Integration Partner events like CCTV & AI Verification.

To read more about CONXTD's features, visit our website for more information.

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