Actionable insight for Security Managers

CONXTD Enterprise is a breakthrough application, specifically designed to change the way in which Security Departments manage risk using real time data from intruder, fire and alarm signalling systems (and more).

Manual reporting is a thing of the past with CONXTD Enterprise. No more PDF’s and spreadsheets, no more waiting for reports. Your data, presented as easy to understand icons, graphs, timelines and reports.

View activity across your entire estate

From the moment you're logged in, you're presented with the bigger picture via user-friendly graphs, timelines, colours and icons.

You can instantly see, with real-time updates, the current open/close status of your estate and see how many of your sites are in alert, restore, fail, high activity and more.

Dig deeper to answer your queries

CONXTD is on hand to help you go as granular as you wish.

You can sort sites by risk, comms faults, set/unsets and more. Sort the columns to show the most active sites, drill down through the graphs and dials, or search for the site by name and quickly find all of the information you need.

Group your data, the way you want

It's important to access the data in the way that suits you best. Whether by geography, security manager, remote storeroom or size, you can choose the best way to group and analyse your data separately from the rest of your estate.

Find, filter or sort ... use the information to determine trends over time.

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Share information on any device

Having all this information at your finger tips is great, but why keep it just to yourself? Thanks to powerful user controls and access levels in CONXTD Community Manager you can safely share information with colleagues.

Make decisions together, fast

Having your vital information at your fingertips, rather than on a PDF is not only be a huge time saver, but also helps spot inefficiencies in your estate before it's too late. So if you notice a group of sites that are opening late and closing early or some suspicious open/close activity during the middle of the night, you can work as a team to take action.


Transform your visibility
See your data in a whole new way

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